Since its inception, the Partnership has awarded more than $1 million to nonprofit organizations in Warren County. That’s a significant impact these nonprofit organizations could make on their communities with the projects and services they provided with grant dollars. 

Some projects have included replacing valuable equipment for local police and fire departments, improvements to parks and other facilities used throughout the county, and improvements to schools and libraries, among other projects.

Buxton Park Garden Edging Project

Buxton Park, Indianola, Iowa

For many years, Buxton Park in Indianola, Iowa, has been a beautiful gem in the middle of the city, for both citizens and Simpson College students, as it borders Simpson College. Much of the garden edging had become damaged or simply experienced natural deterioration.

With a grant from WCPP, the Indianola Parks and Recreation Department replaced the garden edging, just in time for the annual garden party fundraising event.

National Balloon Classic Entrance Remodel

In 2016, WCPP awarded $5,000 to the National Balloon Classic (NBC) in Indianola, Iowa, for improvements to the field entrance.

National Balloon Classic in Indianola, Iowa

Although NBC is not currently required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the organization wanted to be proactive and provide a benefit to visitors in wheelchairs, assistive walking devices, and those who simply have trouble navigating uneven surfaces.

With the grant awarded in 2016, NBC paved a large portion of the entrance, and added a fence and attractive features as part of the first phase of a three phase project the organization has planned for the field.

Child Abuse Training Material

Child Abuse Prevention Council of Warren County

It is hard to imagine such a thing could happen in Warren County, but unfortunately, sexual abuse of children can happen anywhere. In 2017, WCPP awarded at grant to the Childe Abuse Prevention Council of Warren County for the purchase of training materials for the Stewards of Children program, a national program that trains parents and caregivers on how to prevent and recognize sexual abuse.

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