2018 Grant Applications Now Available

Applications for 2018 Warren County Philanthropic Partnership grants are now available. This year, copies are available in Word as well as a more convenient fillable PDF. Although a fillable PDF is now available, we will not be accepting applications via email at this time. Please continue to follow applications instructions and requirements for submitting via mail.

Please note: Some changes have been made to the 2018 Grant Application. Please read Application Instructions carefully! Proofs of purchase and proof of publicity will be evaluated more closely beginning in 2018. In the future, grants will not be awarded to applicants who have not completed final evaluations for projects from the previous year. 

FILLABLE PDF VERSION2018 Grant Application, Instructions and Matrix_FillableFormat

WORD VERSION:  2018 Grant Application, Instructions and Matrix

Good Luck with your 2018 application!


Previous Awardee Responsibilities

Previous grant awardees are required to follow-up with an evaluation, proving responsible use of grant monies. Upon receiving your grant, you should have received the Grant Evaluation Form, which needs to be completed and returned to WCPP within 9 months of receiving monies. Below is an additional copy if needed.

Applicants who do not provide an evaluation will not be considered for another grant until an evaluation has been received, reviewed, and proven to be acceptable. Any grant money that was not used needs to be returned to Warren County Philanthropic Partnership. 

WCPP Grant Evaluation Form

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