Through our grant making, Warren County Philanthropic Partnership is committed to responsibly distributing the state’s County Endowment Fund dollars to improve the lives of those living in Warren County.
To be successful, please read the following Guidelines and Instructions very carefully!


Due to the high number of applicants and limited funds, in 2019 there will be a limit of one application per grant type per applying organization*. If you are under the umbrella of a larger organization or community foundation, or have a fiscal sponsor, there is a limit of one application per grant type per department or per applying organization. Examples:

  • The applying organization is under the umbrella of a community foundation/parent organization which has five organizations under their umbrella. Each of the five organizations under the umbrella of that community foundation/parent organization may submit one application per grant type. If the foundation/parent organization applies for a grant also, the organizations under their umbrella would not be stopped from applying for their own projects, for example. 
  • City of XYZ is the fiscal sponsor for the Police Department, Fire Department, Public Library and Parks & Recreation Department. Each department wants to apply for a grant for their individual projects. City XYZ as well as each of those departments could submit one application per grant type. However, the Police Department, for example, could not apply for two different Community Grants. That Police Department would need to be selective about which project they feel would likely be awarded WCPP dollars. The Police Department could apply for one Community Grant and one High Impact Grant. 

*applying organization – the one applying, the one doing the project

Click here for Tips for a Successful Grant Application!

Grant Application Guidelines and Instructions


Your application will be considered if the following criteria are met:

• The organization is a section 501(c)(3) or a section 170(b) unit of government. Section 170(b) units of government include counties, cities and schools.
• If not a 501(c)(3) or 170(b) unit of government, the organization must have fiscal sponsor* who will be legally and financially responsible.
• The project is in Warren County, Iowa, or serves Warren County, Iowa, residents.
• A completed Final Evaluation for any previous WCPP grant awards has been received and approved by WCPP prior to submitting a new application.

*A fiscal sponsor is an organization or party who receives the money on behalf of the grant applicant and who is responsible for disbursing the money for the project and maintaining appropriate documentation (receipts, etc.). The entity serving as the fiscal sponsor must be a section 501(c)(3) or section 170(b) unit of government.


If your organization meets all the prerequisites, please apply following these requirements:

  • NEW Intent to Apply Form: Those interested in a High Impact Grant ($5,001 to $10,000) must submit an Intent to Apply Form and be invited to apply. This is not required for Community Grant or Trails Grant applicants. (If an applicant is invited to apply and is not awarded, the applicant can note on the application that they want to be considered for a Community Grant.) 
  • NEW Online Applications: Applications submitted online must have all required documents uploaded with the application OR a note that the required documents will be mailed or emailed. If mailed or emailed, the required documents must arrive by the application deadline.
  • Non-Online Applications: Hard copy applications will still be accepted. A printed application must include the original completed application PLUS four (4) copies of the application. Applications must be typed to be considered. Non-Online Applications will not be accepted via email. They must be mailed. 
  • Signature Required: Online applications require an electronic signature and hard copy applications (including original application and all copies) must be signed.
  • Additional Required Documents: Applications and all four copies of the hard copy application must include each of the following items. The following items should also be uploaded with the online application:
    • Signed letter of intent from fiscal sponsor if your organization is not 501(c)3 or 170(b) status.
    • Letter(s) of commitment from other sources, in-kind contributions, and other funding sources which match your application budget, estimates or bids.
    • Estimates and quotes for materials or services (if estimates are from websites, unit prices and total price must be clearly marked or highlighted). 
    • NEW: WCPP no longer requires a copy of the Federal IRS tax-exempt letter. Applicant or fiscal sponsor’s nonprofit status is vetted by the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines.

The application must be completed properly and contain all required elements to qualify for a grant award. Submitting an incomplete application will remove your proposal from the grant scoring process.


Grant applications, both online and hardcopy,
MUST be submitted or postmarked by 5 p.m. on March 1, 2019!

Hard copy applications, copies and all supporting documents should be mailed to: 
Warren County Philanthropic Partnership | P.O. Box 218 | Indianola, IA 50125
Applications will not be accepted via email.


GRANT TYPE: Understanding and Selecting Which Type is Appropriate for Your Project

Community Grant: In an amount between $500 and $5,000 awarded for small to large projects within communities in Warren County which benefit a single community, smaller percentage of the citizenship or the entire county. For Community Grants, we are looking for applications which:

  • Address a community need in a community within Warren County or for the entire county. 
  • Successfully shows the need and how funds will cover equipment, capital and program items necessary to support the community need. 

High Impact Grant: In an amount between $5,001 and $10,000 awarded for larger investment projects within communities in Warren County that must benefit multiple communities and a larger percent of the citizenship of the entire county. For the High Impact Grant, we are looking for a project which:

  • Addresses a significant community issue or need.
  • Addresses a need affecting the entire county, a larger percentage of the county or multiple populations of individuals.
  • Takes into consideration the impact the project could have on tourism and economic development for the entire county. 
  • Presents an innovative and creative way to strengthen the county with vision toward future growth and development. 
  • Encourages cooperation and partnerships, and reduces duplication of services.
  • Develops the leadership potential and marketability of the community.
  • Provides a plan for sustainability beyond the funding period.

If you apply for and are not awarded a High Impact Grant, you will be given an option to place the application in the running with other Community Grants.

Trails Grant: In an amount up to $500, awarded for a project specifically benefiting a recreational walking or cycling trail or the entire trail system located within Warren County. For Trails Grants, preference will be given to:

  • Projects affecting maintenance and improvement of recreational cycling and walking trails which have shown damage or aging.
  • Projects improving the safety, use and accessibility of the trails. 

Although first priority is given to the maintenance and improvement of trails, we may also consider:

  • Projects which lead to the beautification and aesthetic appeal of the trails and trail entrances.
  • Projects which provide something that may be missing from the trail, such as benches, drinking fountains and other desired items.

The Trails Grant may be awarded to the county and county entities, an organization which supports the trails or a city where a trail is located.

PROJECT TYPE: Understanding and Selecting Your Project Type

• A Capital-Based request refers to the building of or the physical improvement of something or a project that helps maintain or improve an asset, such as equipment, new construction, renovation or replacement.
• A Program-Based request refers to activities or general programmatic support, such as purchase of educational materials, equipment or items needed to support a program or specific service.

Awards will not be made for general operating expenses, for politically-sensitive or religious purposes, debt relief or budget deficits, salaries or labor, office rent, utilities or office supplies, festivals or one-time events, consumable items, fundraising or endowments.

PROJECT AREA OF FOCUS: Understanding and Selecting Your Project’s Area of Focus

  • Arts/Culture/Humanities – Museums, historic preservation, exhibits
  • Education – Schools (all ages), adult learning programs
  • Environment/Animals – Environmental protection, beautification, animal-related Issues
  • Health – General, rehabilitative, mental
  • Human Services – Public protection/safety, recreation, youth development, food-insecure issues, general human services
  • Community and Economic Development – Community improvement/development, volunteerism, capacity-building, tourism, civil rights

PROJECT BUDGET: Understanding and Correctly Submitting the Project’s Budget

This section of the application may be one of the most important areas to have accurate. Please read carefully:

The project budget should only include information that pertains to the specific project in Warren County for which funds are being requested. Do not submit budget information that does not pertain to this specific project or includes numbers for an overall budget for projects spanning multiple counties and sub-projects. Break your project into Phases if needed. Do not include information for future phases – only what you currently plan to complete. 
• Budgets must be itemized with exact quotes or estimations of work estimates, vendor quotes, catalog prices or website prices.
• In-kind contributions may be material donations, equipment use or donations, or building space, but donation of time and volunteer hours may not be included.
Click Here for an example of the budget. Your application may score very well in most areas and may be competitive, however it may not score as well in the budget area if it is without matching funds. Remember the grant is for finishing dollars of projects funded with additional sources. Sources of matching funds may include other grants received, donated money and raised money.
• Grant funds may not be used for items or services purchased before grant is awarded nor for items or services not listed in the project budget.

Grant applications with incomplete project budget information will be disqualified.

Additional Grant Process Information

FUNDS AVAILABLE: Understanding How Grant Dollars will be Distributed

Grant amounts awarded by WCPP are dependent upon the allocation of funds available to WCPP each fiscal year and are limited to nonprofits located in Warren County or projects serving Warren County. Funds available are dependent on endowment growth and funds distributed throughout the State of Iowa from the County Endowment Fund Program.

WHAT’S NEXT: Understanding What Happens After Submitting an Application

After your application has been submitted by the deadline, all grant applications are reviewed by WCPP staff for accuracy and inclusion of required elements and required documents. WCPP staff works closely with Community Foundation of Great Des Moines staff to ensure applicants are eligible. After eligibility is determined, the WCPP Grantmaking Committee reads and scores applications and our Board of Directors approve which applications will be awarded based on the committee’s recommendations.

Applications are scored based off the following Scoring Matrix: 

FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Understanding When Awards are Announced

Your organization will be notified via USPS mail service of our decision by mid- to late-April. Announcements will be made via USPS mail regardless of whether the application was submitted electronically or not, so please check your mailboxes! You may receive an email to let you know to watch the mail, but announcements will not be made via email. Awarded applicants will be invited to our annual grant reception where we will present the check to a representative of our organization.

If your organization is not awarded a grant, WCPP staff and grant reading committee members may be able to provide additional information, if requested. We want every organization in Warren County to be successful! If there is information we can provide to improve your grant writing and applications in the future, we’ll do our best to provide that information. 

Please be aware, if awarded, a Final Grant Evaluation with receipts for all expenditures and proof of publicity/media coverage must be submitted by the date indicated on your award letter, typically within nine months of receiving grant funds.This form proves your organization’s responsible use of grant dollars.
See below for Final Grant Evaluation information and link to the form. 



If at any time during your application process you have questions, please email or call (515) 491-6508. We would prefer you ask questions to have a successful application than to submit incorrect information! 

Final Grant Evaluation

Previous grant awardees are required to complete a Final Grant Evaluation by the date indicated on your award letter, typically within nine months of receiving the grant check. The form shows WCPP your responsibility for properly using the grant money and your organization’s role in acknowledging the grant from WCPP. Upon receiving your grant award letter, you should have received the Grant Evaluation Form. 

Complete application online or download and mail.
If completing online, please be prepared to upload supporting documents.
If downloading, please plan to submit via USPS or email to with supporting documents.

Failure to complete a grant evaluation, provide proofs of purchase or responsible use of grant money and/or provide proof of publicity may result in ineligibility of future WCPP grants. 

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