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Grant applications for 2018 are expected to be posted and available in November of 2017. Deadline for 2018 applications will likely be sometime in March 2018. Exact dates will be announced soon!


ATTENTION PAST GRANT RECIPIENTS – Grant evaluations are due!

If you recall, part of accepting a grant from WCPP involves doing a follow-up with us. Upon receiving your grant, you should have also received the Grant Evaluation Form, which needs to be completed and returned to WCPP after your project has been completed with proof the grant money was used responsibly. Any grant money that was not used needs to be returned to Warren County Philanthropic Partnership.

Below is a copy of the evaluation form, if an additional copy is needed.

WCPP Grant Evaluation Form


    • Emily Roush


      Hi Sara – We do not currently have a mailing list that specifically announces when grant applications are open, but we have created an enewsletter which will have important information such as that. I will add you to our enewsletter mailing list.

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