Trails Grant Application

A Trails Grant is made possible through the Warren County Trails Endowment Fund. It is awarded in an amount up to $500 awarded for projects specifically benefiting the trails system in Warren County. For Trails Grants, preference will be given to:

  • Projects affecting maintenance and improvement of recreational cycling and walking trails which have shown damage or aging.
  • Projects improving the safety, use and accessibility of the trails. 

Although first priority is given to the maintenance and improvement of trails, we may also consider:

  • Projects which lead to the beautification and aesthetic appeal of the trails and trail entrances.
  • Projects which provide something that may be missing from the trail, such as benches, drinking fountains and other desired items.

The Trails Grant may be awarded to the county and county entities, an organization which supports the trails or a city where a trail is located.

Please refer to the Grant Application Guidelines and Instructions to ensure the best chances of being awarded. Please do not be disqualified for failure to follow instructions.

Complete application online or download and mail.
If completing online, please be prepared to upload supporting documents.
If downloading, please plan to make copies and submit via USPS.

To access a SAVED online application: 

  1. Click HERE. It will open a blank application, as if you’re starting a new grant application, but do not start filling in any fields. 
  2. Click on the Create an Account button on the blue Save & Return bar.
  3. You will get a new window that says New User or Returning User. Use the Returning User area to type in the username and password you used to create the account. Click Submit.
  4. A window will appear with a list of the applications you have saved. Click on the application name or number. 

If you experience trouble, please call (515) 491-6508. WCPP has access to the username and email address you used to save the application, but we do not have access to passwords. We can not help you recover your password. You can attempt to recover your password via the email you used to create the account.