Ways to Be Involved

Individuals, business owners, city leaders and anyone with a desire to improve life in Warren County are encouraged to apply to serve on the board or on a committee for Warren County Philanthropic Partnership.

Our volunteer board is made up of citizens from communities across the county who envision what life in Warren County could look like now and into the future, and make organizational decisions to support that vision. WCPP committees, which enhance the board’s efforts, are available for both board and non-board members.

WCPP could be known, essentially, as the organization that supports all other organizations in Warren County, if they choose to seek our support. It’s a “partnership,” meaning our mission is to work with other organizations and city governments to improve life in Warren County. We responsibly distribute the funds available to non-gaming communities in Iowa and our board and committees are how that happens. As a non-gaming (no casino) county, we have funds to distribute and our goal to support organizations who are doing projects to make Warren County a better place to live.

Serve on the Board

Serving on the WCPP Board is about being a part of something bigger than yourself.
It’s about showing your love and support for our county.
Your passion for and love of Warren County and your leadership skills and talents are needed
to move WCPP forward and continue to thrive as an important organization in Warren County.

Serving on the board is a way to support not just one organization, but a number of organizations and a variety of interests. Some of the organizations we support include:

  • Small nonprofits, such as Boy Scout Troops
  • Service organizations, such as Lions and Rotary clubs
  • City and other government agencies, such as police and fire departments
  • Progressive and forward-thinking organizations, such as CTE Hope and HEAL House of Iowa

What it’s like to serve on the board:

  • Attend board meetings every other month
  • Board terms are 3 years long (with option to do two consecutive terms)
  • Assist in making organizational decision which improve the quality of life in Warren County
  • Approve the grantmaking committee’s recommendations for annual grants awarded to local nonprofit organizations
  • Be active and supportive, attending WCPP events, such as our Annual Grant Award Ceremony
  • Use your time, talents and expertise to improve WCPP and collaborate with our cities, county and other organizations
  • Discover new ways to improve Warren County and ways to encourage involvement




Not sure you want to apply just yet? Have a few more questions before you apply? Just email WCPP@wcedc.com and we’d be glad to tell you more. 

Volunteer for a Committee

We have a number of committees available for both board members and non-board members, in the event someone wants to be involved but does not want to serve on a board.

Our most popular committee is the Grantmaking Committee, which follows the direction of the board in scoring grant applications each year and making grant award recommendations.

To learn more or inquire about other committees, email WCPP@wcedc.com