Through our grant making, Warren County Philanthropic Partnership is committed to responsibly distributing Iowa’s County Endowment Fund dollars to improve the lives of those living in Warren County.


Application details and dates are as follows:

  • Jan 16 – Grant Application & Intent to Apply Form Opens (see below)
  • Jan 27Virtual Grant Writing Workshop from Noon-1:00pm
  • Feb 10 – Intent to Apply Form due for High Impact Grants
  • Mar  3 – Application Deadline (11:59pm for online apps. or postmarked by 5:00pm for hard copy apps.)
  • May 2 – Grant Award Ceremony

 (For High Impact Grant Applicants only)


(For Community Grants, High Impact Grants, and Trails Grant)


Please read the application guidelines and instructions below very carefully in order to have a successful application! If at any time you have questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, call (515) 961-1067, or email




Your application will be considered if the following criteria are met:

  • The project is in Warren County, Iowa, or directly serves Warren County, Iowa, residents.
  • The applying organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or 170(b) unit of government (city, county or school).
  • If the applying organization is not a 501(c)3 or 170(b), a fiscal sponsor* has agreed to be legally and financially responsible. (The fiscal sponsor must be a 501(c)3 or 170(b).)
  • Final Evaluation forms for any previous WCPP grant awards have been completed and approved by WCPP prior to submitting a new application. If previous project has not been completed, an approved request for an extension must be established before submitting a new application.

*A fiscal sponsor is an organization or party who receives the money on behalf of the applying organization, and who is responsible for disbursing the money for the project and maintaining appropriate documentation (receipts, etc.) The entity serving as the fiscal sponsor must be a 501(c)3 or 170(b) and sign the Fiscal Sponsor Agreement attached to the application. 


If your organization meets all prerequisites, please apply following these requirements:

  • Meet Application Deadlines: Hard copy applications must be postmarked by 5:00pm March 3, 2023 and online applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on March 3, 2023.
  • Intent to Apply Form: Applying organizations interested in applying for a High Impact Grant ($5,001 – $25,000), must submit an Intent to Apply Form (due February 10, 2023) and be invited to apply (this is not required for Community or Trails grants). Applying organizations who are invited to proceed with applying for a High Impact Grant will be notified within one week and have until the application deadline on the dates announced each grant cycle.
  • Online Applications: Applications submitted online must have all required documents uploaded. If you start an application but need to return later, there is a Save & Return feature. 
  • Non-Online Applications: Hard copy applications are also accepted. The application must be typed to be considered. Hard copy applications must include the original completed application PLUS five (5) copies of the application.
  • Signature Required: Online applications require an electronic signature and hard copy applications (including ALL copies) must be signed.
  • Include Supporting Documents: All applications should include the following additional documents (Hard copy applications must include these documents with each copy): 
    1. A completed Fiscal Sponsor Agreement if the applying organization is using a fiscal sponsor.
    2. Budget Worksheet and documents to support your Budget Worksheet, including Letters of Commitment from other funding sources and proof of In-Kind Contributions. 

We do not need website or catalog pricing, estimates, images, renderings, etc. for what you plan to do or purchase with the grant money. We only need proof of additional funding, if you have additional funding, and proof of in-kind contributions, if you have in-kind contributions. Instead, please use the grant narrative space to explain how you will spend the money.

We are putting the trust in applicants to spend the grant dollars correctly and wisely, without the need to see an itemized list of planned purchases, website/catalog pricing or images of what the completed project may look like. 

WCPP does not require a copy of the Federal IRS tax-exempt letter. The applying organization or fiscal sponsor’s IRS status will be vetted by the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines using the tax ID number provided on the application. Please do not include your IRS letter with supporting documents. 

The application must be completed properly and contain all required elements to be qualified for the grant award. Submitting an incomplete application will remove your proposal from the grant scoring process. 


Warren County Philanthropic partnership currently offers three grant options:

  • Community Grant: In an amount between $500 and $5,000. For Community Grants, we are looking for applications which:
    • Are for small to large projects which benefit a single community, smaller percentage of the citizenship or for the entire county. 
    • Address a community need in a community within Warren County or for the entire county.
    • Successfully shows the need and how funds will cover equipment, capital and program items necessary to support the community need.
  • High Impact Grant: In an amount between $5,001 and $25,000. For High Impact Grants, we are looking for applications which:
    • Are for larger investment projects that benefit multiple communities and a larger percentage of the citizenship of the entire county.
    • Address a significant community issue or need, especially a need effecting the entire county.
    • Demonstrates considerable impact on the county, such as a project that could increase the marketability of the county, has an effect on tourism or on economic development for the entire county.
    • Presents an innovative or creative way to strengthen the county with vision toward future growth and development.
    • Encourages cooperation and partnerships, and reduces duplication of services among organizations.
  • Trails Grant: In an amount up to $500, awarded to a project specifically benefitting a recreational walking or cycling trail or the entire trail system located within Warren County. For Trails Grants, preference will be given to:
    • Projects going toward the maintenance and improvement of trails due to damage or aging.
    • Projects improving the safety, use and accessibility of the trails.
    • Although priority is given toward maintenance and improvement, we may also consider projects which lead to the beautification and aesthetic appeal of the trails, as well as projects providing something missing from the trail such as benches or drinking fountains.
    • May be awarded to the county, county entities or organizations which support trails or to a city where a trail is located. 

Trails Grants are open year-round without a specific deadline for submitting. While Trails Grant applications are open year-round, only one will be awarded in a calendar year.  

Projects should fall under one of two types:

  • Capital-Based: request refers to the building of or physical improvement or a project that helps maintain or improve an asset, such as equipment, new construction, renovation or replacement.
  • Program-Based: request refers to activities or general programmatic support, such as purchase of educational materials or items needed to support a program or service.

Awards will not be made for general operating expenses, for politically-sensitive or religious purposes, debt relief or budget deficits, salaries or labor, office rent, utilities, festivals or one-time events, consumable items, fundraising or endowments.

Applications should fall under one of these focus areas: 

  • Arts/Culture/Humanities: Museums, historic preservation, exhibits, art and music
  • Education: Schools (all ages) and adult learning programs
  • Environment/Animals: Environmental protection, beautification, animal-related issues
  • Health: General public health, rehabilitation, mental health
  • Human Services: Public protection and safety, recreation, youth development (other than education), food insecurity, general human services
  • Community and Economic Development: Community improvement and development, capacity-building, tourism, civil rights

This section of the application may be one of the most important areas to have accurate. Please read carefully:

  • Consider the current project plan. The project budget should only include information that pertains to the current, specific project for which funds are being requested. 
    • If the project spans multiple counties or includes subprojects, do not submit budget information for the overall, larger project. Only submit budget information for the portion in Warren County.
    • Do not include information for future phases of the project. Only include information for the current plan which can be completed with the amount requesting and can be completed in the time allowed (nine months).
  • Do you have additional funds to support the project? Sources of additional funding may include other grants, donated money and money raised through a fundraiser. Do not include expectations of future fundraising events. Letters of commitment as proof of additional funding could include, for example, a letter from someone with your organization stating your organization will use existing budget dollars or a copy of a letter or email showing you were awarded another grant to go toward this project.
  • Do you have other contributions to the project? In-kind contributions may be material donations or equipment use donated during the project, but donation of time, labor, and volunteer hours may not be included unless it is provided by a licensed professional. 
  • A sample budget is available to help you! Your application may score very well in most areas and may be competitive, but if may not score as well in the budget area if it is without matching funds and other sources of funding.
  • Grant funds may not be used for items or services purchased before the grant is awarded, nor for items or services not listed in the project budget.

We no longer need an itemized list of planned purchases on the Budget Worksheet, nor copies of website or catalog pricing, estimates, images, renderings, etc. for what you plan to do or purchase with the grant money. We only need proof of additional funding, if you have additional funding, and proof of in-kind contributions, if you have in-kind contributions. Instead, please use the grant narrative space to explain how you will spend the money.

We are putting the trust in applicants to spend the grant dollars correctly and wisely, without the need to see an itemized list of planned purchases, website/catalog pricing or images of what the completed project may look like. 

Grant applications with incomplete project budget information will be disqualified. 


Funds Available
Funds available to award to grants are dependent upon WCPP’s endowment growth and funds allocated to Warren County from the State of Iowa’s County Endowment Fund Program.

After the Application has Been Submitted
After your application has been submitted, all applications are reviewed by WCPP staff for accuracy and inclusion of required documents before the applications are vetted by the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. Vetting by the CFGDM ensures applying organizations and fiscal sponsors are eligible and that projects fit within the scope and law of what can be granted.

After eligibility is determined, WCPP’s Grant Scoring Committee reads and scores applications and presents their recommendations to the WCPP Board of Directors for approval. Applications are scored using our Scoring Matrix.

Awarded Applications
Save receipts! If your organization is awarded, be prepared to save all receipts and show proof of purchase(s) to support the budget submitted with your application. Awarded organizations must complete a Final Evaluation form, which proves the grant dollars were used in the manner stated on the application and budget worksheet, within nine months of receiving grant dollars. 

Organizations that are awarded will be notified via email and will also be invited to our annual grant reception where they will be presented with the grant check. Applications that are not awarded are also notified via email. 

After Receiving a Grant
The applicant’s obligation does not quite end after the grant check is in hand. A Final Evaluation will need to be completed after the project is complete, within nine months. Evaluations will need to include receipts/proof of expenditures which match the budget worksheet provided with the application, as well as proof of publicity/media coverage for the project. This is to prove responsible use of grant dollars.