Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I started an application online and saved it to finish later, but I don’t know how to get back to it. How can I access my saved application?
A. Visit our Online Applications Tips page for more information on finding your saved application. 

Q. How do you determine who receives a grant?
A. Our grant reading committee reads all applications and scores the applications using our Scoring Matrix. As long the application, budget worksheet and all supporting documents are accurately completed and provided and the application scores well, the committee will award grant dollars until all available money is accounted for. 

Q. We need to use the city as a fiscal sponsor because we are not a 501(c)3 or 170b, but the city also wants to apply for a grant. Can we both still apply?
A. Yes! A fiscal sponsor basically helps you out by serving as the 501(c)3 or 170b when your organization does not hold one of those designations. The fiscal sponsor is responsible for accepting the grant dollars and distributing them for your project, but that does not stop them from serving as a fiscal sponsor for another organization, nor does it stop them from also applying. 

Q. Can our organization apply for more than one grant in the same year?
A. Yes, as long as the application is not for the same project. If your organization is working on more than one project, you can apply for each project. But you can not submit two applications for the same project. 

Q. We received a grant last year. Can we apply again?
A. Yes, as long as your organization has completed the Final Evaluation form for last year’s grant and have met all obligations associated with previous grants. If your organization has not completed the previous project, you must request an extension. It is at the discretion of the grant making committee to approve or not approve the extension or we may ask for the unused portion of grant dollars to be returned.

Q. We’ve been awarded a grant, but one of the items we planned to purchase with the grant money is no longer available. Can we do something different?
A. If an item is no longer available or has a different price than when you submitted the application, please call us to request a change. We will typically allow grant dollars to be used to buy a similar item (such as the same type of product but with a different price from a different website), however we will likely deny a request to change the project significantly. Please give us a call!

Q. We feel confident we will be awarded a grant and would like to get a head start on buying what we need. Can we do that? 
A. No. Grant funds may not be used for items or services purchased before the grant is awarded, nor for items or services not listed in the project budget.

Q. We plan to have a fundraiser sometime down the road to raise additional money. How do we list that on our application and budget worksheet?
A. Unfortunately, we do not accept the expectations of future fundraising as proof that your project is leveraged by matching dollars. There are too many unknowns – whether the fundraiser will take place and if it does, how much would actually be raised. When completing the application and budget workshop, we ask for proof of already raised dollars and other funding sources that are already received or committed (with letter(s) of commitment). While some funders do allow money to be raised in the future, WCPP likes to see already secured matching dollars.

Q. Our organization has applied for a grant in the past, but we heard some things have changed. How has the application processed changed? 
A. Throughout the years we have listened to the comments and concerns of applicants as well as worked with other community foundations throughout Iowa to discover the best practices in grant applications. As a result, we have changed the application process in these ways:

  • The applications is shorter – you will find less questions, less duplication of questions and hopefully less confusion because of that previous duplication of questions.
  • We have improved the budget worksheet – you no longer need to itemize estimates for completing the project. Now, we ask applicants to tell us the dollar amount they are requesting without itemizing how the applicant got to that number. We do still, however, require you provide estimates and bids as part of your supporting documents for grant readers to see how you plan to complete your project, but they no longer need to be listed on the budget worksheet. We also still ask that you itemize other funding sources and in-kind donations.
  • Fewer supporting documents 
    • First, save some print time! WCPP does not require an applicant prove their 501(c)3 or 107b status with a copy of the IRS tax letter. We do, however, need to know the Tax ID number, but we no longer require a copy of the letter.
    • We love to hear about your project but, again, save some printing time! We are limiting how much you need to provide. Your application should state what your project is about without the need to include renderings, catalogs, etc. Simply tell us about your project in the Project Description section of the application and attached bids, estimates, etc., but no need to include your big plans, renderings, Statement of Need documents, etc. 

How to Be Successful In Applying for a WCPP Grant

Each year we host an in-person workshop to help applicants who might have questions or need help understanding the application. This is a very popular event – previous applicants have said this workshop answered many of their questions. 

Grant Workshop dates and times will be announced on Facebook and often on the Apply for a Grant page. 

Can’t Make it to the Workshop? 

If you can’t make the workshop, hopefully the above Frequently Asked Questions answers some of your questions. If not, please reach out to us at

We Want You to Be Successful!

If at any time during the process you have questions, please email or call (515) 961-1067. We would rather you ask questions than to submit incorrect information.