Using Save and Return with Online Grant Applications

How to Save an Application to Return to Later:

If you started an online application, you can utilized the Save & Return feature by clicking on Create an Account (located at the top of online applications) any time throughout the application process.

Select a Username and Password — PLEASE REMEMBER THESE! 

To access a SAVED online application: 

  1. Click HERE. It will open a blank application, as if you’re starting a new grant application, but do not start filling in any fields
  2. Click on the Create an Account or Login button on the blue Save & Return bar.
  3. You will get a new window that says New User or Returning User. Use the Returning User area to type in the username and password you used to create the account. Click Submit.
  4. A window will appear with a list of the applications you have saved. Click on the application name or number. 


If you experience trouble, please call (515) 961-1067. WCPP has access to the username and email address you used to save the application, but we do not have access to passwords. We cannot help you recover your password. You can attempt to recover your password via the email you used to create the account.